What do I Need?

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Full storage unit

How to find the right storage unit size

Identifying the right size storage room is important. You don’t want to load your vehicle, show up to our facility here in Marlboro and realize you didn’t have enough room for your items. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide and chart below to give you an idea of what you might need in terms of size.

Our facility offers over 50 different sizes of self-storage. We have a solution for almost every need including residential as well as business needs. We have units that start at 25 square feet and go all the way up to 225 square feet.

Check out the chart below and contact our team today to check about availability! 508-481-1144.

Storage Unit Size Approximate Storage Space What fits?
5′ x 5′ Small closet
  • 25 square feet
  • small closet or bedroom
  • chest of drawers, chair, clothing
  • office supplies
  • small number of file boxes
5′ x 10′ Large closet
  • 50 square feet
  • large walk-in closet or dorm room
  • couch and chair, chest of drawers
  • seasonal yard equipment
  • bicycles
  • lawn mower/small lawn tractor
  • small business inventory
10′ x 10′ Small average room
  • 100 square feet
  • average size bedroom
  • 1/2 of a 1-car garage
  • furniture from a one-bedroom apartment or home with refrigerator or washer and dryer
10′ x 15′ Good size room
  • 150 square feet
  • furniture for 2-bedroom apartment or small house
  • other small furniture pieces
  • miscellaneous items and boxes
10′ x 20′ Average garage
  • 200 square feet
  • one-car garage
  • furniture from small house or 2-3 bedroom apartment with appliances
  • contractor inventories
15′ x 15′  Average garage plus
  • 225 square feet
  • furnishings for a 3-4 bedroom home with appliances
  • equipment and commercial inventory