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Business and Commercial Storage

Acorn has been serving the business community here in Metro West for decades. We offer safe and s
ecure commercial storage solutions for a wide range of industries. And best of all, we offer these at affordable rates.
Some of the businesses that we find require off-site storage include small business, pharmaceutical companies, distributors and manufacturers, contractors and those in the electronics industry. We have been offering solutions to many in these industries and others for years and we are ready to help your business find more room.

Have your workplace and office needs changed, and do you need room to store office furniture? Acorn is the perfect choice!

Accessible Storage for Business-Loading Dock and Elevator

We designed our facilities here at Acorn with accessibility being a top priority. There is no need to worry about how you are going to move your items in and out of our facility. We built Acorn with your business in mind. Our building has a 4’ loading dock, perfect for loading and unloading tractor trailers, and we have a large freight elevator that allows you to move your items to our second floor. We also have all the other equipment you need such as dollies and other moving equipment. There is no additional charge for using our equipment!

Also, Acorn is conveniently located just off of Route 20 in Marlborough and quickly accessible by other surrounding communities such as Hudson, Southborough, Sudbury, Berlin and Northborough.

Climate Control

Our facilities here at Acorn are climate controlled which means more peace of mind for your business and your storage needs. Our heating and cooling systems are constantly maintained and sustain a consistent temperature and humidity level year-round.

You can feel comfortable knowing you are using Acorn for your business storage needs. Whether it is record keeping, products that require temperature control, electronics or other inventory, our facilities will maintain a safe and comfortable temperature for your items.

Security is Mission Critical Here

Small self storage in Marlboro, MA

Small self-storage unit

There is nothing more important than placing your items in a safe and secure storage facility. We understand your business requires it and we take it very seriously here at Acorn. We have 24/7 camera surveillance installed both inside and outside our facility and we have the latest in fire and theft protection. At Acorn, protecting your items is our priority.

Why Choose Acorn for Your Business?

  • Flexible storage options.
  • Accessibility with loading dock and freight elevator
  • Affordable options for your business
  • Personalized solutions from a locally owned and managed business
  • Protection for your items with temperature control.
  • Secure facilities to put you at ease.
  • We are experts in commercial storage.

If your company requires short or long-term storage solutions, please contact our team today! We are ready to show you the perfect space.