Self Storage Services

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Our storage facilities offer you the flexibility you need

safe self storage in Marlboro, MA

We can provide you with over 50 different sizes of self-storage units in our Marlboro facility. When you are looking for storage and are ready to take the next step, speaking with our team will help you identify the exact storage room that will fit your needs. After 20 years in the business, we are rather good at helping our customers find the right space.

From small storage units all the way up to your larger needs, we have outfitted Acorn with all the industry standard sizes, and we are confident we have a solution for you.

Accessible building for your convenience

We built Acorn to be as convenient and as accessible as possible. Many people are excited to see that we have both a 2’ loading dock here, perfect for SUV’s and a 4’ loading dock, for unloading tractor trailers. At Acorn we make loading and unloading your items so much easier. And for those that need commercial storage, it is a game changer.

Our facility is equipped with a freight elevator that allows easy access to second floor storage units and we have a variety of dollies and other moving equipment here for your free use. There is no need to rent additional equipment. We have it all here, for you!

Giving you Peace of Mind with our safe storage

We take our responsibility seriously when it comes to providing you with a safe facility for all your items. Afterall, we are locally owned and live in your community. We strive to ensure all your items in our building are always protected. That includes theft, fire and any other hazards that could harm your personal belongings.

We have outfitted Acorn Self-Storage with the latest in alarm technology, have industry standard Fire Protection as well as 24/7 camera surveillance inside and outside the building. We have created a comfortable environment around our entire facility. The building is very well lit which helps you feel safe and limits any fraudulent activity. And because you hold the only key to your storage room, that reduces the possibility of anyone else entering your area.

Take advantage of our climate-controlled storage

Our climate-controlled storage facility in Marlboro is one of the best choices in the region. We always carefully monitor the temperature and humidity of our facility, and we understand how important that is to your goods. Our heating and cooling systems are always maintained to industry standards temperatures, giving you the peace of mind you need, knowing your items are safe and protected in our building.

If you have a need to store furniture, electronics, important documents, or family photographs, you want to know that those items will not be damaged. When you store your items at Acorn, you can have the comfort of knowing that we are controlling the climate in our building for the protection of your items. Other items that are important to store in a climate-controlled facility include wine, antiques, artwork or musical instruments. If you need the space to store these items, Acorn is a wise choice.

Ready to take the next step and explore your storage needs? Contact our team at Acorn today! 508-481-1144.