Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 2017-09-29T10:43:44+00:00

The information that Acorn Self Storage has about you was provided to us by your explicit actions and by your own free will. Acorn Self Storage only has the information that you have provided to us. We do not covertly collect information.

We request basic contact information on our online forms in order to communicate with you, respond to your questions, and service your requests.

We respect your privacy and do not sell nor share your information with any other entities.

If you prefer not share your contact information, please call us at 508-481-1144.

Active Clients

  • If you are an active client of ours, for your convenience, an account at our online payment vendor’s website has been set up for you. We have no visibility to, nor do we attempt to track, when you log into that payment system.
  • From time to time, we may send a notice to the email address of record in order to make you aware of changes to our hours, changes to policies, weather-related closings, sales, maintenance, and the like.

Hosting Company
Our hosting company tracks all actions on the server.  No personal information is captured. All actions are tracked to the IP address. Acorn Self Storage has no visibility to this information.